Website Maintenance

Internet has surely evolved into a marketing medium that has a strong outreach and penetration like none other and its dynamic nature is the primary reason why your website needs to have a fresh look at all times because your website is a virtual reflection of you!

Getting a website developed is just your first step towards your reaching out to your potential customers. The degree of dynamism involved in the industry environment today just makes it inevitable that your website remains unchanged or unaffected. This makes it imperative that your website is frequently updated in terms of information present to ensure that your visitors get a revitalized impression on every visit. It helps you retain your existing and loyal visitors' attention and also give your new visitors the latest information about your services.

Remember, it's the smallest of issues that can turn into major bottlenecks and hamper the growth and successful functioning of your only online marketing and communication medium. We completely understand the importance of maintaining your website and specialize in offering to our clients Website maintenance and management services, wherein

Access to Your Website

Like I said, sometimes the most difficult thing with this work is getting access to the website. It’s difficult to know where to begin and where to get the info. Here is some help.

What Details you should have of your website

What Details you should have of your website

  • FTP server name

  • FTP username

  • FTP password

  • Hosting Control Panel login (optional) – where your hosting is there should be a control panel where you can login and make adjustments.

  • Control Panel username (optional)

  • Control Panel password (optional)

  • Do a “whois” lookup on your domain name and see if that tells you who the host is. It’ll first list the registrar (which might be the host) but also check the DNS server info and that might give you a clue as well

Website Maintance check-list(Features)

  • Instant website updates (within 24-48 hours, depending on the maintenance task)

  • Periodical Website Performance checkup

  • Virus, Bugs and browser incompatibility removal

  • Server performance checkup

  • Periodical website backup

  • Periodical Database Backup

  • Monthly website visitor report

  • 1 Year Full Maintenance

  • Add|Edit|Update content(as required)

  • Website Performance Checking(Periodicaly)

  • Editing in current banner

  • On demand Backup

  • third Party Apps Integration

  • Support (Email / Phone)

Industries that we do Regular Maintenance:

  • E-Commerce Website Maintenance

  • Corporate Website Maintenance

  • NGO, Social Organization Website Maintenance

  • News Group & Blog Maintenance

  • Websites of Schools, Colleges, Institutes & Many more organization.

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